About M.I.L.O.

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M.I.L.O. is a unique 2d story driven point & click game made with non typical means. It is a kit-bash of mixed media and is unique in it’s visual design and storytelling. Relying more on its visual looks and audio than its gameplay M.I.L.O. is meant to inspire and wonder.

M.I.L.O. started out as a vague concept based on personal interests and fascinations and over the past 8 months it has grown into a fully independent and unique game experience. I was always fascinated by the more quirky games and movies with their own unique visuals and storytelling. Being a huge fan of Samorost 3 you could say this project is in a way a homage to this particular game. This project is my own interpretation of what makes Samorost 3 so unique and interesting, but with my own personal twist.

audio library
the satellite
the characters
transition to game
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