the satellite

The satellite is the place where the whole game takes places. It is the most important asset in the game and became the main staple for the feel and atmosphere of the game.

It al started with a simple sketch of what the satellite should roughly look like. Because I wanted to make a physical prop rather than a 3d render and I had no experience in doing so I needed a discreet plan of action.

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I quickly came to the conclusion the satellite should be lightweight and sturdy and found that chicken wire would be the perfect base for this. (also because it’s cheap). I would drape epoxy on top of this frame to fill in the base form for the satellite. This is the same stuff a lot of boats are made off, it is rather toxic so you should wear a gas mask while applying it.

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After I laid out the main form I started dressing the satellite with textile and textile harder. I was designing this prop on the go and found out by using this technique I could easily create organic and unique forms witch go well with the tree shape that is growing out of the satellite.

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After laying down the textile with the textile harder I began adding smaller details with the glue-gun. I used whatever resources I could find around me which caused a lot of interesting textures. the satellite was starting to somewhat look like an intergalactic junk yard. After I sprayed the whole thing black the overall form suddenly became much clearer.

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After this I just continued to paint and add more little details with the glue-gun. Again I was just kind going with my gut feeling on this.

After the satellite was complete it was time to translate it into digital film. For this I used a professional filmcamera and a blue screen. (blue because the satellite itself has a lot of green elements) After filming the intro scene of the satellite I edited the footage in after effects and added additional digital effects.

end product:
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