about us

Robin Raaphorst

Roles: creative director, designer and animator

I’m Robin and I am in charge of the visual and conceptual design of this project. I also worked on the game and narrative design and originally initiated this project. I am currently graduating this year at the HKU as a game artist.

As an artist I used both digital and analogue media combined with a lot of different techniques and styles. With this project I wanted to play with the visual elaboration of games and wanted to see how far you can push the boundaries of visual game making.

Bastiaan van Bentum

Roles: composer & sounddesigner

Hi! I’m Bastiaan van Bentum and I am the composer and sound designer for M.I.L.O. Making music for this strange and intriguing world was a very exciting and interesting endeavour. Most characters you meet in M.I.L.O are stranded, they don’t belong on that satellite. The music should give a peek inside their minds to show how they deal with this incident and how they feel about being stuck. With my music I tried to show these differences in each character. Illustrating each wildly different personality while still let them live together in the same small world of M.I.L.O was very challenging. But a very rewarding challenge at that.

Marlon Sijnesael

roles: game developer

Hello! I am Marlon Sijnesael.I took it upon myself to realise the gameplay Robin had in mind. I am mainly responsible for the dialogue system, interacting with the world and other mechanics.
The game’s art and music are Robin’s creative peak, this is why I decided to build editor tools to enable Robin to create immersive dialogues and walking paths without restrictions. I hope this enables even more creativity.
The first HKU game I ever worked on was a collab with Robin. We were both really inexperienced back then. This time around things are different. I hope you all like the final result!

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